Sacred Space Design – Oct 2017

Revitalise yourself, your home?and your favourite places

21 & 22 OCTOBER 2017
Sat: 9am – 4.30pm
Sun: 10am – 5pm

Learn how to:
* Design harmonic spaces for personal relaxation, balancing, tranquility,
recharging, inspiration and aesthetic delight
* Create restorative zones for nature to thrive
* Observe the landscape, patterns and history of place
* Connect and integrate separate land-space areas
generating energy flows which enable optimum function as a whole entity.

Connecting with the spirit of place, working with earth-energy fields, and?applying Permaculture (integrated land-use and social design)
methodology together with our creative ingenuity and practical know-how, we will design personal sacred spaces to enrich?physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing, as well as beneficially?influencing the surrounding area. By creating such protected, safe, powerful, beautiful and significant ‘sanctuaries’ in areas we intimately interact with, we are caring for space, culture and a positive future.

Day 1: Laying the foundations; Creating your own sacred space/s eg an ‘inner sanctum’ in your own home, garden, bedroom, office,
Day 2: Creating sacred spaces in public places.

Venue: Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre
14 Mills Lane, Albany, North Shore Auckland 0632

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Contact: Ph: 0220 668577 (text is best)

Cost: 1 day ?$135 – $75; ?2 days: $220 – $140
Income-based Sliding Scale – with consideration for value for value exchange, we are trusting your integrity to determine your appropriate figure within your means, along this scale.
Lowest: beneficiaries, students (card-holding)
Highest: higher-waged, organization/business funded

Detailed Info sent on registration eg full programme, what to bring etc

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* No?prior?experience?or?qualifications?are?necessary. Familiarity with Permaculture in an advantage. You can start now via books and documentaries!

* People can do the 1st day as a ‘stand alone’ workshop, but not the 2nd day.-


Guenther Andraschko (Auckland)
Guenther is an experienced workshop facilitator and permaculture designer.? He has over 25 years experience in designing and creating unique outdoor spaces throughout New Zealand and Australia, in all kinds of environments.? He brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience on how to create sacred spaces, and how attuning to the land?and place can be the?basis for inspiring creativity.? Guenther enjoys?supporting others to?tap into?their creative abilities and expressions.

Robina McCurdy (Golden Bay)
Robina is a community developer, organic grower, permaculture educator and designer of sacred spaces. Over the past 30 years she worked with households, neighbourhoods, schools, farms, ecovillages and bioregions within NZ and 13 other countries. Her special gift is facilitating deep processes which re-connect people with nature, to create environments which support wellbeing. Descriptions in her facilitators manual: Grounding Vision: Empowering Culture.

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